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Robert Desiderio The Occurrence – A Political Thriller

Robert Desiderio

author of "The Occurrence – A Political Thriller"
Steve Murphy

Steve Murphy

Executive Producer & Host

Robert Desiderio, author of "The Occurrence – A Political Thriller"

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Robert Desiderio grew up in The Bronx. He was an actor for most of his life, but when he started writing it changed everything. His script for the film Save Me premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and received wide acclaim for its complexity. The NY Times wrote, “Save Me has a lot of heart.” The LA Times wrote, “A thoughtful production of exceptional insight and quietly devastating power.” The Occurrence carries similar literary qualities. Robert is also developing projects for film and TV. He lives in Los Angeles and New York City with his wife, Judith Light.

The Book: "The Occurrence – A Political Thriller"

ISBN: 1642933007

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The discovery of an ancient cuneiform guides an unlikely group to a secret portal buried in the desert long ago.

A near-death experience in the Iraq desert transforms the lives of the FBI’s most wanted terrorist, and his young disciple, and alters the fate of a Pulitzer Prize-winning female journalist, and a decorated U.S. Marine about to be executed. Guided by a visionary young girl from Peru, they become aware of an ancient past, and an energy force placed deep under the desert sand thousands of years ago.

The Occurrence is an unforgettable story of enemies, caught in the tragic sweep of terrorism, whose lives are forever changed. A gripping and unique political thriller. A story of uplifting beauty and love that speaks to the mystery of our collective evolution, and unveils a DNA we all share.

Steve Murphy, Executive Producer & Host