Interview with Norb Vonnegut and Tyche Hendricks

Norb Vonnegut The Gods of Greenwich

Norb Vonnegut

author of "The Gods of Greenwich"
Tyche Hendricks The Wind Doesn’t Need a Passport: Stories from the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

Tyche Hendricks

author of "The Wind Doesn’t Need a Passport: Stories from the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands"
Steve Murphy

Steve Murphy

Executive Producer & Host

Norb Vonnegut, author of "The Gods of Greenwich"

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Prominent Trial Attorney, Jack Girardi interviews Norb Vonnegut who spent 20 years at the highest levels of the financial industry, working in private wealth management as a stockbroker with Morgan Stanley, Paine Webber and other investment banks. And his experience, observations and understanding of the secret inner world of really big money provide the unforgettable characters and setting of his Financial Thrillers.

THE TRUST brings back the hero of Vonnegut’s earlier novel “Top Producer.” Grove O’Rourke is called back to his house town of Charleston when his mentor…Palmer Kinkaid, operator of the wealthy philanthropic trust “The Palmetto Foundation” is found dead. When O’Rourke temporarily takes over the foundation, he discovers that the funds that have been entrusted to Palmetto for charitable purposes are being used for far more sinister ends…and the people behind the plots will stop at nothing to keep their covert operations a secret. Norb Vonnegut not only brings billion dollar personal perspective to his writing, but also his gripping prose and dark sense of humor…and we’re delighted to have him on The Law Business Insider.

The Book: "The Gods of Greenwich"

ISBN: 0312384696

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Forget about Bernie Madoff or Gordon Gekko—there’s a new villain on Wall Street…

Norb Vonnegut didn’t realize how close he skirted to non-fiction when he was writing his spectacular debut Top Producer. Penned before tumultuous revelations and scandals rocked the financial world in late 2008, Vonnegut’s novel depicts, with an insider’s solid knowledge, the tricks that the industry’s real top producers pull in their frenzied pursuit of billions. Now Vonnegut sets his electrifying follow-up in the high-rolling world of hedge funds, lending his seasoned perspective to a riveting thriller.

Jimmy Cusack is the tough kid from a blue-collar neighborhood who made good on Wall Street. Well, almost. After a sterling start to his career, things have soured. His hedge fund has collapsed. The bank is foreclosing on his upscale condominium. And his wife is two months pregnant. That’s the good news. When Cusack takes a “must-have” job with Leeser Capital, a Greenwich fund impervious to the capital market woes, his real troubles begin.

Vonnegut’s unique insider’s perspective and his intuitive, darkly humorous writing are once again on full display in this fast-talking suspense thriller. A high-stakes poker game of a book, The Gods of Greenwich is a timely and gripping read that will keep you glued to the edge of your seat until the last card is played.

Tyche Hendricks, author of "The Wind Doesn’t Need a Passport: Stories from the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands"

Tyche Hendricks's Website

Tyche Hendricks covered immigration and demographics for many years at the San Francisco Chronicle. She is an editor at KQED public radio and a lecturer at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley.

Over years of reportage in the area, Hendricks has developed a unique, first hand perspective of the borderlands region and its people. Gathering her stories from emergency rooms and factory floors, farm kitchens and jail cells. She saw American and Mexican cowboys, environmentalists, doctors and nuns wrestling with shared binational problems…problems whose implications impact even the highest level policy makers in both countries.

The Book: "The Wind Doesn’t Need a Passport: Stories from the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands"

ISBN: 0520269802

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Award-winning journalist Tyche Hendricks has explored the U.S.-Mexico borderlands by car and by foot, on horseback, and in the back of a pickup truck. She has shared meals with border residents, listened to their stories, and visited their homes, churches, hospitals, farms, and jails. In this dazzling portrait of one of the least understood and most debated regions in the country, Hendricks introduces us to the ordinary Americans and Mexicans who live there—cowboys and Indians, factory workers and physicians, naturalists and nuns. A new picture of the borderlands emerges, and we find that this region is not the dividing line so often imagined by Americans, but is a common ground alive with the energy of cultural exchange and international commerce, burdened with too-rapid growth and binational conflict, and underlain with a deep sense of history.

Steve Murphy, Executive Producer & Host