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Luke Gherardi Children of Violence

Luke Gherardi

author of "Children of Violence"
Michael Carter

Michael Carter


Luke Gherardi, author of "Children of Violence"

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Luke Gherardi is a writer of short stories. This is his first novella. He lives in Denver and enjoys raising his daughter.

The Book: "Children of Violence"


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Reeves’ mother belongs to a cult. The cult believes that you must be a Soldier of Christ. But to be a soldier, you must fight.

Robbie is the son of an addict prostitute. He’s raising his little brother alone, while trying to avoid his mother’s pimp.

Gracie is a pretty girl that lives in a nice house in the suburbs. Life is perfect for her family from the outside. None of her neighbors know the truth. Her father is an enforcer for the mafia.

Cole’s father is a neglectful alcoholic. His father lives only for one reason- to kill again.

These kids all have to face the violence eventually, and it all comes together in a climax where even the best of intentions results in innocence lost.

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