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David Robinson You See a Hero, I See a Human Being

David Robinson

author of "You See a Hero, I See a Human Being"
Steve Murphy

Steve Murphy

Executive Producer & Host

David Robinson, author of "You See a Hero, I See a Human Being"

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David has worked for the Detroit Police Department both as an officer, and an attorney. David served the Detroit Police Department for 13 years, as legal advisor to the department. He also defended officers in civil litigation. David Robinson has been in practice for over 28 years, with police experience both in the field and in practice extending over 38 years.

The Book: "You See a Hero, I See a Human Being"

ISBN: 1938018125

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Hiding behind the badge. That’s how David A. Robinson, Esq., describes the way police departments in America rationalize their misconduct. And it’s pervasive. The tragic deaths of innocent civilians have sparked national debate about police brutality and racial injustice in our society. With his unique perspective first as a cop, now as an attorney, Robinson shines a spotlight into a dark and controversial corner of Blue Culture and makes a demand for greater accountability from those whose job it is to protect and serve.

Steve Murphy, Executive Producer & Host