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Caroline Giammanco When The Cowbird Sings: Tales For The Midnight Hour

Caroline Giammanco

author of "When The Cowbird Sings: Tales For The Midnight Hour"
Michael Carter

Michael Carter


Caroline Giammanco, author of "When The Cowbird Sings: Tales For The Midnight Hour"

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Caroline Giammanco grew up on a farm in the Ozarks of Missouri, outside the small town of Ava. After graduating from high school, she uprooted at the age of seventeen and moved to Tucson, Arizona where she attended the University of Arizona. Always interested in the world around her and how our system works, her Bachelor’s degree is in political science with an English minor. Caroline has taught public school for over twenty years in New Mexico, Arizona, and Missouri. She is currently an English teacher at a southern Missouri school. Caroline is the mother of two sons, Rick and Kevin, both military veterans.

The daughter of a deputy sheriff with a college degree isn’t the “typical” vision many people have of a woman in a prison relationship. The love and dedication Caroline and Keith have is real. In answer to the video’s question, Caroline loves Keith the same.

Bank Notes is Caroline’s first book.

The Book: "When The Cowbird Sings: Tales For The Midnight Hour"


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In Book Two of the Into the Night anthology series, Giammanco doesn’t disappoint with more twisted tales that take readers by surprise.

A mix of science fiction and paranormal, all with surprise endings, these stories draw readers into shadowy realms where nothing is as it first seems. Find a quiet corner, and settle in for a good read, but be careful. You never know what awaits you.

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